Friday, December 29, 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

baby, it's cold outside

This is me working in my studio the last few days (courtesy of one of my students.) So I've relocated to the (slightly) warmer basement, but not before making these necklace components. Each is approximately 6" high. (No chains yet, those should arrive next week.)

(Sorry for the poor image quality - the lighting in my basement is terrible.)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I'm looking forward to next week, when the semester ends and I can finally work in my studio. First on the agenda - some new production work. (Most likely an expansion of the leaf series and a few new designs.) In January I'd like to start on a bigger project - more to come...

Monday, December 4, 2006

craft forms 2006

On Saturday, I headed over to the Wayne Art Center to see Craft Forms 2006, and to hear juror Gretchen Keyworth, of the Fuller Craft Museum, speak. Not surprisingly, my favorite pieces were two chairs by Steve Litchfield (pictured above), that were in a second exhibition of previous award winners. (Steve is married to my grad school adviser, Kathleen Browne, so I've been a fan of Steve's reconstructed chairs for a few years.)
Keyworth talked briefly about her selections for Craft Forms, then elaborated on the mission of the Fuller Craft Museum. The museum often allows visitors to touch the work - creating an interaction between viewer and object. This made the inability to touch objects at Craft Forms a bit frustrating.


A different variation on the steel 3-petal earrings - I'd forgotten I'd made them until I was inventorying for the sale.

metals & jewelry club sale

The Towson Metals & Jewelry Club was very successful - lots of positive feedback & everyone sold stuff! (I even bought a few things - and am anticipating a few post-sale trades.)

If you missed it, have no fear, the club will return in May with their spring sale!

Great job and congrats everyone!