Sunday, July 22, 2007

catching up

I'm back from my craft show marathon, and have lots of catching up to do.

Cain Park was great! Hands down it has the most helpful and friendly staff of any show I've done. People who bought last year came back to say hello, and I sold more than I have at any other show. I even sold a pillow!!! (Of course, I hadn't photographed it before hand, so I will probably be making another one in the near future.)

Ann Arbor wasn't bad. I actually managed to do ok, despite being on the corner of "Middle of Nowhere" and "Sketchville." (See pictures below.) Mostly, I just feel happy to have survived my first Ann Arbor. (Four days is a very long craft show.)

While I was in Ann Arbor, I found out that my 2-person exhibition at the Rosewood Gallery has been moved to September/October of 2008. This is a big relief, because it previously coincided with my 2-person exhibition at MWPAI.

I'll be spending the next week or so restocking my inventory. I actually sold out of quite a few things, including size small fine silver on steel bracelets. (Stay tuned for a special shop announcement about the bracelets tomorrow.) Hopefully, I'll also find time to play with a few new necklace ideas I have.

Ann Arbor (and the sketchy corner market) in the rain on Thursday.

The typical crowd across the street from my booth at Ann Arbor.

The typical crowd on the street my booth was on at Ann Arbor.

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