Monday, October 22, 2007

weekend in the hamptons

This weekend I went to the Hamptons to visit Adrienne, who moved there to work as an assistant to John Iversen. It was nice to get a away for the weekend, and to such a beautiful place. Everything from the houses to the scenery was super picturesque.

Adrienne took me to see John's studio, which was so nice. High ceilings, white walls, and a wonderful collection of natural and vintage objects. I'm jealous.

We also had a yard sale, and true to form, made over the top, dorky signs for it. It was fun and a wonderful motivator to get rid of lots of stuff.

Adrienne and I also had a chance to talk about what we're working on (or planning to work on), so between our conversations and the scenery, I'm feeling totally inspired. Back to work!

Above: our dorky yard sale signs
Below: some of John's work.

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