Wednesday, March 5, 2008

greetings from Savannah!

I arrived in Savannah yesterday (my first time on a plane in 5 years!) for the annual SNAG conference. While there are definitely some lectures I'm interested in, I'm even more excited about the chance to explore the city with Annie.

This afternoon, I'll be presenting about navigating the web 2.0. Wish me luck!


skowood said...

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to SNAG this year but I hope all went well with your presentation! I just wanted to say that I recently started a blog of my own and found the info you posted on very helpful! I hope more metal artists will join the the revolution. :)


Anonymous said...

I was in the audience for SNAG's Professional Development Seminar. Megan was THE BEST SPEAKER at the Seminar. And it was an excellent line-up!

She inspired me and others in the audience! I loved her presentation.

megan said...

Thanks so much!
I really appreciate knowing that all my hard work is making a difference. I believe in the power of blogging so much, and I'm glad others do as well.