Monday, May 12, 2008

etsy front page!

I'm so excited to see one of the new necklaces on the Etsy front page!  I know its expensive, but I'd love to see it find a good home.


Lynette said...

I LOVE that necklace! It is GORGEOUS!! I told my husband I wanted it for my birthday. He said maybe when we are rich. Hmmm...I dont know if that will ever happen, but a girl can dream!

Ashley said...

I love the necklace first of all!!!

Second I just came across your journal and have really come to enjoy reading it! I love seeing what you are working on.

Third...I was curious, on etsy- do they alert you when your items are featured on the front page? I haven't seen anything mentioned about it.

megan said...

ashley - etsy doesn't alert you when you are on the front page.

either you see it by chance, or sometimes you get a nice convo from someone who saw you there.

Ashley said...

Good to know Megan. :) I'm working on getting my shop started and trying to get as much information as possible as I go along. Thanks!