Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i'm a real person

I'm about to break all my own rules.

When I first started blogging, I thought that my blog - this blog - had to focus solely on my art. I was emphatic about it, even preaching that mantra to my students and any other artist I was discussing blogging with. "You're building your brand," I would say. "No one cares what you did on Saturday night."

Lately, though, I've decided that's a bunch of crap for several reasons. One - my blog is Megan Auman - which is me. And I'm more than a jewelry designer and artist (even though that's my business and a large part of my life, its not my whole life). Two - I'm bored. Which is mostly because - Three - The times in my life when I've been happiest are when I've been pursuing multiple, often unrelated interests. And Four - its crazy to try to compartmentalize these interests into separate thoughts and separate blogs. I am one person - I should have one blog, not 12.

So I'm giving myself permission here to blog about my whole life, not just the jewelry designer part (though there will still be plenty of that as well). And here are a few things I want to share about me:

-I'm a total nerd when it comes to reading material. I like well researched non-fiction. I find the real world fascinating enough that I'm not often interested in fiction. I'm also addicted to Amazon.com - I love browsing books through related books, I could spend hours on there.

-I'm turning into a total homebody. When you get down to it, I'd most often rather be home with Joe and Grizzly. (Though spending time with my family at my parent's beach house or camping with Joe's family aren't bad either.)

-I love working out and often work out twice a day. I consider myself first and foremost a runner, but I also swim, bike, and do yoga. I did my first triathlon in May, and am now training for a half-marathon.

-I've become totally obsessed with wanting to ditch my car and bike or walk everywhere. I'm even working on starting an organization in my county that promotes bike and pedestrian safety.

-I harbor a secret inner desire to be a writer. In fact, writer was the first job I ever remember wanting, years before I wanted to be an artist. And strangely enough, when I see an amazing piece of jewelry or art, I often think "I should quit now" but when I read an amazing piece of text, I think "I should become a writer." Isn't that a little backwards?

Thanks for sticking with me to the end of this post. (And thanks to Annie - our conversation yesterday really inspired this little epiphany.)


Juliet said...

I'm glad! I think peoples artwork is more interesting when I know the person behind it a little bit, you know?

So? What'd you on Saturday night? =)

Liz Steiner said...

I too harbor a secret desire to be a writer (and also to work in movies, a little bit). I understand completely the wanting to quit when faced with an awesome piece of jewelry, and wanting to write when faced with an awesome piece of writing. Maybe we should start writing.
Besides, it seems like everybody and their brother gets to publish a book these days.

megan said...

Thanks Juliet...

And on Saturday night, I drove home from Brooklyn in very wet clothes. Not the best Saturday night ever.

Liz - I think we're already writing. Isn't that what a blog is for? Maybe we just need to get published!

michelle pajak-reynolds said...

You are a writer--as well as an artist, an athlete, and all around cool human being! Your blog is well organized and well written. I check it almost every day and feel not so alone in my creative struggles after reading what you have to say. Rules are funny things, while structure is important,sometimes you grow more by breaking the rules than by trying to maintain a structure that is too restrictive.....

silvercocoon said...

have you camped out in my mind???
here is a post {http://silvercocoon-handmade.blogspot.com/2008/05/breaking-rules.html} from awhile back about this very thing. i currently have a blog for my son (so grandparents can see him when they are away) and one for me as a "person" and then an architecture blog and a jewelry blog -- a little crazy??? yes, i struggle with the same things you write about....how does one make the transition? or do we just continue to break the rules every now and then?

ps. you can publish yourself on www.blurb.com

megan said...

tia - what a great post. (i totally want to make those cookies now) its nice to know we all struggle with these issues

i was on lulu.com the other day (similar to blurb) but even though i have no trouble writing on my blog, and even though i would LOVE to have a book, i can't for the life of me think of what it would be about. oh well, someday...

Laura Crawford said...

Hey Megan - I say, go for it and ditch the car! :) I bike just about everywhere and I love it. And, p.s., I'm part of a new organization in my town to promote bicycling, so if you want to share ideas, let me know.

megan said...

Laura - sadly, my area isn't really that conducive to life without a car (not bike safe and almost zero public transport, plus almost everything is pretty far away) but I'm building up to it by biking or walking as often as possible. I'd love to swap ideas too - i already went to your groups blog via your profile.

Rachael said...

Megan, I just had a similar epiphany. It's hard not to get caught up in what our image is in this online community, but blogging began as journaling. I always prefer reading little bits of personal information in other blogs...makes me feel more of a connection to the writer.

So great to see you this weekend, even though circumstances were less than stellar :)

Catherine Chandler said...

I wanted to be a lawyer until I was about 16. Then I realized I'd much rather do what I love for a living, rather than just "what I'm good at" (and thankfully I'm good at what I love).

You would love Powell's Books in Portland, OR. They're not joking when they call it the "City of Books"...it's amazing. You could get lost for days in the aisles.

I'm glad you are expressing your whole self...while I think it's great to maintain a certain professionalism to one's blog, you're right. We are whole people, and that whole person is part of our artwork. The ideas, passions, mistakes, etc.

second storie said...

megan this was such a lovely post to read. i think that the weekend served as a catalyst for many of us!

i always gravitate towards artists who do share a bit of themselves. for me, it's the reason to buy handmade. without a story or two, a piece of art is just a piece of art. every bit of art and craft i've ever brought into my home is from someone i feel i've gotten to know in some small or not so small way.

i wish we could have spent time together. hopefully i'll see you in november for second storie!

i'm really looking forward to reading more about you. i always love your book posts!


annie said...

glad we were able to regroup together, megan!
rules are for breaking, aren't they?

joAnn said...

megan, I just entered the blog universe without much of a plan other than to help myself sort out all that is cluttering my life and my brain. I think seeing this process helps us all know each other and ourselves better. We can have those moments of "me too!" and "so I'm not the only one!" on that note, I have wished for years that I could sing. In a band, on stage in front of people. So unlike me!

I hope we at second storie will be graced with your presence as a vendor once again. Your work is stunning and you yourself are delightful...

joAnn {with second storie}

Ashley said...

I think it's only human to want to share stories and pieces our lives. I personally always look for more than just a few words here or there about the person behind the art. I certainly appreciate reading about metalsmithing and jewelry making, but it's nice to hear more. People aren't going to stop reading if you share more about yourself...if anything they'll probably welcome getting the multi-faceted Megan!

Things change...it's okay to break the rules sometimes.

Brooke said...

I recently started a 'more professional' blog about floral design because I felt like I'd been too personal with some posts on my old blog. But now I keep having the urge to post more life-related things! I have to say I love getting to the know the creature behind the artworks, and your blog is no exception... good book recommendations, and I love that picture of Grizzly!