Monday, August 18, 2008

the cutest bike helmet

I usually wear my bike helmet when I'm riding around, but I'll admit its about the least fashionable thing you could ever wear. That's why I was psyched to discover Yakkay. They make practical helmets and covers for them that look like adorable hats. I really like the Tokyo and Paris covers.

Unfortunately, they are only available in retailers in Germany and Denmark, but I'm trying to find one that will ship to the US.

UPDATE: Scandinavian Objects in Berlin, Germany will ship to the US. You just need to email them at


annie said...

oh i LOVE these!!!!!
i currently wear this:

megan said...

that's much cuter than the one i wear now

Ashley said...

Oh wow! Who'da thought...something so unfashionable (but important none the less) could be turned into something stylish! Mine is definitely not a cute helmet! What a great idea, I'd be interested to find out if you can get them shipped to the US. Thanks for sharing this find!

Laura Crawford said...

These are so fantastic! I have been hunting for a not-so-dorky bicycle helmet. Thanks for the link!