Wednesday, September 3, 2008

behind the couch

We have a big expanse of wall behind the couch in our living room that I'm not quite sure what to do with. I love the idea of this shelving unit - its narrow enough to not take up room, but could be rearranged frequently. (Of course, looking at this makes me want a new couch too.)

via Poppytalk


Margaux Lange said...

We have the same issue in our apartment. It's the most intimidating wall in our place because of it's size I guess. All the other walls have been dealt with.

I think I have my heart set on getting a giant canvas print of a photo of Lake George (where I grew up) …when I can afford it that is!

(That poppytalk sneak peek was so beautiful)

megan said...

I actually considered a giant photo behind my couch as well (something woodsy and outdoorsy) but I think the shelving unit might be more versatile

Lora ~ said...

Where;s that shelving unit from? or did I miss it in the post. it's a great find.