Saturday, September 13, 2008

coffee by bike

As I mentioned before, a new coffee shop opened within biking distance of my house. (I should mention that biking distance is about 3 miles one way - but in the country, that's close!) Last week, I went in search of a totally spill proof mug for transporting my coffee by bike. Because I don't like the hassle of the double lidded thermos, I settled on this travel mug from Target. Its too big to fit in a bike's water bottle cage, but I clipped it to my backpack and it worked fine. Not a single spilled drop! Plus it kept my coffee hot on the way home (it was still steaming when I took the lid off).

Hopefully, Saturday bike rides to the coffee shop can by part of my weekly routine.

1 comment:

silvercocoon said...

megan, this is the kind of thermo-cup i sigg of switzerland. this should fit in your bottle holder (and one size up should also fit) .. but is probably more $$ than the one from target!