Friday, September 26, 2008

crafty bastards is Sunday!

Its cold and gray today, forcing me to bust out the fleece lined boots and making me not want to do anything. That's not good, though, because...

Crafty Bastards is this Sunday! Rain or shine (lets hope for shine). Please stop by and see me in booth #49 - I should even have some new work if I can get my butt in gear.

Really though, I'm still in a pretty crappy mood. On top of the weather and my foot, I sliced my thumb chopping an onion yesterday (not bad, but enough to be annoying in the studio) and we have a groundhog that's taken up residence in our back yard. I'm terrified of groundhogs, plus I have to make sure its not around when I take out Grizzly, or he practically pulls me off the porch to chase it. I'm really looking forward to Monday, when my to do list looks like this:
-sleep in
-go for a long ride on my new bike
-clean my house

Hopefully your Friday is happier than mine!

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