Tuesday, December 16, 2008

laser samples

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on my last post!  It's good to hear that I'm not the only one struggling with these issues, and I think its important to keep the discussion going.  Its something I'm going to continue thinking and writing about as I prep my new collection for New York Gift.  

There's a lot of value and importance to making things by hand, and I love doing so, but I don't think that everyone can make a living that way.   I'm struggling to find a balance between the values of handmade and the practicality of manufacturing as both a designer and a teacher. So for my new collection, I'm also exploring small, local manufacturing options like laser cutting. 

And speaking of, I picked these up from my laser cutter this afternoon:

They're just the start of the objects in my new collection.  (And no, I'm still not telling you what they are.) 


Nervous System / Jessica said...


were they laser cut bent? or bent after cut?

megan said...


they were bent after cutting - but the place i use can also laser cut tube

Catherine Chandler said...

Those are gorgeous!!! They almost look like cuffs :)

Nervous System / Jessica said...

nice. I need to learn how to properly bend metal. We cut out some of our bracelets from brass to test out making a metal version but our metal bending skills leaving something to be desired and we ended up with sharp angles

Jangrrrrl said...

Wahoo! I hope they are trashcans:)