Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday in the city

Yesterday, along with my mom, brother, and my brother's girlfriend, I took a bus to New York City for the day.  I had originally planned to go to MAD, but after the bus arrived two hours later than expected, I decided to shelve that plan until I'm back in January.

After unsuccessfully trying to find what is supposed to be a really cool flea market, we walked down Broadway towards Union Square.  On the way we stopped in DWR, where as usual I dreamed about one day having enough money to own a Barcelona chair.  

From there we wandered into Fishs Eddy.  I'd never heard of this store, but it was amazing.  Dish-ware of every shape and size was piled from floor to ceiling.  But instead of looking cluttered, the displays were amazingly detailed and stunning.  Clearly a lot of thought goes into the arrangement of those plates.

After stopping in the Virgin Megastore (at Union Square, we weren't stupid enough to attempt the one in Times Square this close to Christmas) we headed to my destination of choice, Strand Books.  Can you believe I'd never been there before?  I could have spent all day just browsing and exploring.  But for everyone else's sake, I tried to reign myself in, and left with only six books (two by William Zinsser) and a new tote bag.

Finally, we took the subway up to Rockefeller Plaza.  The crowds were insane, but I did love this amazing display in Anthropologie.  After that we grabbed some coffee and hopped back on the bus heading for home.

I can't wait to go back in January for the Gift Fair, when hopefully I'll have more time to see things (without having to fight the holiday crowds!).

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Tere @ My Precious Studio said...

i loved fishs eddy when i lived in nyc. all our cat bowls are from there as well as lots of funny, funky dishes for ourselves