Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the groundhog lies

The groundhog was obviously lying, because rumor has it that its going to be nice this weekend.  Its been forever since I've been for a nice, long bike ride - and I'm looking forward to it so much I thought I'd do a little round-up of some great bike stuff I've spotted around the internet lately.

Normally, I'm such a chicken - but bike riding makes me brave - and lately I've been feeling the urge to go careening down a mountain on my bike.  Which is totally fueled by this folding bike the Bergmonch.  A folding bike thats also a backpack that makes it easy to hike uphill and bike down.  Ridden by a monk!  Watch the video for yourself and tell me you don't want one:

Bergm├Ânch from Thomas Kaiser on Vimeo.
via TreeHugger

I love that people have been using design as a way to make bicycling more accessible.  And I love that multiple people emailed me about this light lane - a rear bike light that creates an instant bike lane behind you. 
Sadly, its only a prototype, but I'm betting a production model would sell like crazy.

Until that time, I might have to satisfy myself with the Knog Skink - such a simple, elegant solution to bike lighting.  No crazy, ugly plastic clips here.  I love it when good design meets bike accessories.

via Bike Hugger and available for purchase here.


Corey said...

geez, so groundhogs are liars AND scary now?!

they are just really not your favorite animal, are they? ;-)

megan said...

they're so scary!