Monday, February 16, 2009

the wonder that is the internet

I knew, through her wonderful comments on my blog, that Laura Crawford is a metalsmith and bicyclist from Long Beach, CA.  But my apologies to Laura, because I never spent much time browsing her blog.  Until today!

Laura's blog has led me into bike design nerd heaven.  Any post that starts, "The more time I spend on my bike, the more I'm realizing how easy it is to wind up looking like a bum." is sure to catch my attention.  Laura writes a guest column for The Epicurean Cyclist, and she found these fantastic wool arm warmers:

What a fantastic product shot!

The Epicurean Cyclist is a blog by bicycling photographer, Russ Roca - who has this fantastic idea for a bicycling media campaign.  I would love to steal it for my bike club.

Also through Epicurean Cyclist, I came across two companies selling fantastic bike gear -Velo Orange and Rivendell Bicycle Works - which has this saddle bag I am now coveting.

Ok, make that three companies - how great are these panniers by Queen Bee Creations?

Thanks, Laura!


Laura Crawford said...

Hey Megan - Glad you found your way down the rabbit hole! That saddlebag is on my list also... as is one of the Yakkay helmets... oh so much good stuff. Did you watch the Queen Bee videos about her work space? I must confess I'm a bit envious. :)

megan said...

Laura - I totally recommend the Yakkay helmet. I love mine! Though lately I've been wearing my Bern Berkley helmet with a knit cap underneath - because not all of us live in southern CA. ; ) I only got the Tokyo cover for my Yakkay helmet, but now I really want the Paris cover!

I didn't watch the video yet, but I checked out the page with all the staff, and I'm already jealous.