Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I sort of fell behind on the four week marketing project in all the preparations for our San Francisco trip, but I'm quickly getting back on track.  This morning I photographed all the new cozy/cuff colors and re-photographed the grey and black so that all the images were consistent.

After a lengthy photo-editing session, I started working on my mini-catalog.  Its in the form of a little accordion fold-out booklet.  I decided to keep the catalog simple and graphic, with the focus on the images.  When I send them to retailers, I'll include a cover letter and info sheet.  I've still got a few minor changes to make, but I need to order them from the printer in the next day or two.  What do you think?

Working on the mini-catalog also gave me an idea for the layout of the website.  I did this quick little mock-up in Illustrator, but I've still got to build the whole website.  So more to come on that later...


shouldhavezagged said...

I think it looks great -- simple & clear. The reader sees what it is and what it does without a lot of bullsh!t text, etc. Nicely done, Megan.

megan said...