Monday, April 27, 2009 is live

For the last week, I've been working hard on a new website -!  I decided since I'm focusing on really promoting the cozy/cuff, it deserved its own website.  When I went to register the domain name, was already taken.  I debated about using, but I'm not a fan of using the dash in a website.  I think its easy to forget to put it in, and then someone looking for my cozy/cuff ends up at a different website.

But is just the start - I'm hoping to do a major redesign of my main website, in the next few weeks.

Next up for the four week marketing plan, its time to compile that list of retailers and start sending out information!


eNVe said...

Congrats on making such incredible strides! I've just started reading your blog recently and have found your ventures in developing this design and product and marketing etc. to be very inspiring. I find the whole thing so daunting, but hope to step into the process for myself in the near future. keep up the phenomenal work!

julie said...

This post reminded me to renew my domain name - thanks! Also, congrats on the new website. :-)