Thursday, May 21, 2009

christien meindertsma

After visiting the Cooper-Hewitt today with Margaux, I now officially have a serious design crush on Christien Meindertsma. I blogged about her urchin poufs before, one of which was part of the exhibition Fashioning Felt, but it was Christien's contribution to the Design for a Living World exhibition that turned me into a super-fan.

For Design for a Living World, the Nature Conservancy took 10 designers and matched them with a sustainable material from around the world. The exhibition features sketches and prototypes, as well as finished products. Not only are the finished products impressive, but the progress shots and accompanying video really help tell the story. (I wish you could watch the videos online!)

After browsing the book (which of course I bought), exhibition website, and Christien's website, I'm totally ready to move to a sheep farm in Idaho and become best friend's with Christien. How fantastic are all those process shots? And how adorable is she? At the very least, I want to decorate my living room with these knit rugs and poufs.

If you have a chance, I highly recommend a trip to the Cooper-Hewitt to see Fashioning Felt and Design for a Living World.

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shanna murray said...

What an inspiring post! I'm off to check out more of this awesomeness!