Wednesday, May 20, 2009


On Monday, I took a bus to New York with some of the other faculty where I teach to check out ICFF.  It was a double duty trip for me, not only was I scoping out ideas to bring back to my students, I was also doing recon to see if this was a show I want to do in the future.

I feel like I've barely had time to process all the great stuff I saw, and I'm headed back to New York tomorrow to museum hop with Margaux.  Then, I've got the triathlon on Saturday - but hopefully later in the weekend I'll be able to process and share all the amazing stuff I've seen over the last week.

Until then, two highlights from the show - finally meeting Traci of filzfelt in person, and the Hero-365 booth.


Nervous System / Jessica said...

if you happen to go to the cooper hewitt, could you snap a picture of our necklaces in the shop for me? I really want to see them

Nervous System / Jessica said...

oh I love that drying rack too by the way, I talked to the designer for a bit. cool idea.