Tuesday, July 28, 2009

how much? (and what colors?)

Last week I picked up a big batch of the new ornaments in white from my powder coater.  I'm planning on doing a whole wall of them for my booth at NY Gift.

I've got an idea of where I want to go with the pricing, but I though I'd throw it out to you?  How much would you be willing to pay for one of these (retail)?  (Each is 3" in diameter from laser cut and powder coated steel.)  What would you be willing to pay for a set of 3?  Or a set of 6? 

And while you're suggesting, how about colors?  What other colors would you like to see them in (besides white)?



lolasmom said...

so cool! i'm going to be difficult and not answer either of your questions. i just wanted to say that it struck me, looking at the ornaments, how similar your leaf pattern is to daisy janie's (http://daisyjanie.com) boxwood pattern.

perhaps you could draw some inspiration from that??

handmade in pa
scoutie girl

megan said...

thanks tara!

i love daisy janie's patterns, especially the grey and yellow colorway. hmmm...

Sarah Swell said...

Hi Megan,
They're awesome! I'd say $12-$16 retail each? Maybe a set of 3 for $36? I have no idea of your costs so this is difficult! Even though they're floral, they have a definite graphic quality. Maybe black, white, and one bold color? I'd look into color trend forecasts for the fashion or interior design industry.

Sarah Swell Jewelry

silvercocoon said...

If they are holiday ornaments - I think RED is a no-brainer. Current trends lead me to think you should then pair it (and the white) with a soft lilacy-purple. The three would be great together!

Emily Arrison said...

I am so excited about these for my black and white Christmas tree! I hope you at least offer them in black and white. When do you expect them to be available on Etsy?

Timeless Paper

SparklingChoices said...

I would buy these. I would probably be more likely to buy a set of 4 thought.

And if they came in teal it would be a no brainer for me. I love teal.

tricia said...

They look great! Hmmm...pricing...i'm not sure what you have into them, but maybe $15-20? I think sets would be cool, but I like the option of buying individuals. I also wanted to say that in white they have a snowflaky feel, i like that for christmas, simple. Maybe do seasonal colorways?

Nina Dinoff said...

i would totally buy these as coasters!