Thursday, December 10, 2009

recent press

I've had two very busy days in my Etsy shop thanks to some really wonderful press. First, Grace featured the cozy/cuff on design*sponge. Then Tara did a lovely post on the cozy/cuff and my new ornaments over at INK + WIT. Thanks, ladies!

You might be wondering how I was lucky enough to get such nice press, but truthfully, it wasn't all luck. I actually emailed both ladies (along with several other bloggers). It really is as simple as that. (Sort of.) The key is to make sure you send a polite, personalized email with great pictures and a clear description of your product. To a blog that's right for your work. And don't get angry if they don't feature you. And be sure to say thank you if they do.

Thanks again, Grace and Tara! And thanks to everyone who bought something. And thanks to you for reading this! This is one of those weeks where I can see how truly blessed I am, and what an amazing job I have. Thank you!

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Traci said...

yay megan! and i love the new snap design!