Thursday, December 3, 2009

two lectures by Garth Clark you must listen to

When you do as much driving as I do, you start to look for ways to make your commute do double duty. I'm a big fan of audiobooks, but my preference for niche non-fiction means that many books on my "to read" list haven't made it into audiobook form.

Thats why I was so excited to discover all the lectures from the recent American Craft Council conference were available as podcasts on iTunes. The standout, must listen to lecture of the conference has to be Garth Clark's "Palace and Cottage". This is a follow up to Clark's 2008 lecture, "How Envy Killed the Crafts Movement" at the Museum of Contemporary Craft in Portland. Both lectures express a sentiment I have often thought - craft needs to stop aspiring to be art and move on.

I must admit I have grown a little disgusted with the crafts world in the last 18 months, and have actually distanced myself from it. (Or at least, distanced myself from the craft establishment.) But Clark's lectures have reinvigorated me and reminded me that craft is worth fighting for - or as Clark would say, resurrected.

I highly recommend you listen to both lectures, they will certainly give you much to think about. You can download "Palace and Cottage" from this page, and "How Envy Killed the Crafts Movement" here.

A big thank you to Gabriel Craig of Conceptual Metalsmithing for making me aware of these lectures.


Danielle Miller-Gilliam said...

I agree completely! I listened to "How Envy Killed the Crafts Movement" a few weeks ago. I was so unbelievably relieved to hear someone from the "inside" who had a similar viewpoint to me, one from the "outside." I still haven't listened to "Palace and Cottage" but am really looking forward to it.

Robin Marie said...

craft needs to stop aspiring to be art and move on.

Thank you! I agree! I'm going to go check out the lectures now. Thanks!