Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sunshine, bare feet and paper models

So, I know I've been neglecting this blog a little bit while focusing on Crafting an MBA, but I'm trying to get back on track. Not only do I love sharing these little bits of my life with my readers, I also like being able to look back and see how my life has evolved. So, I promise, more regular posting, even if it's mainly pictures.

Today was gorgeous! It certainly feels like spring is around the corner - after my run I took off my shoes to enjoy the sunshine in my bare feet. The nice weather also gave me a chance to work in the studio without freezing. I'm experimenting with some new ideas. Here are the first paper models:


Woodmouse said...

I like to see your paper models, so interesting to see this part of your process.

krista - urbanite jewelry said...

oooo intriguing! looking forward to seeing what those models will turn into later!

brett said...
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