Saturday, April 10, 2010

gift fair stress dreams

I haven't been sleeping well this week - a combination of allergies and poorly timed allergy medicine.

This morning I was wide awake at 3:30 AM. It wasn't entirely bad, as I found myself brainstorming display ideas for the summer gift fair. On my drive home last night, I had been thinking about product development for the show, so this was clearly my unconscious mind continuing to work through gift fair planning while I slept.

Eventually, I drifted off to sleep, and this is where my mind turned ugly. I had an awful dream where I got to the gift fair to set-up, only to find that the dimensions of my booth had changed. While my location and booth number remained the same, the dimensions of my booth had changed from 10 feet wide by 6 feet deep to 10 feet deep by 2 feet wide! I want you to really picture that - 10 feet deep by 2 feet wide!

How could anyone even walk into that?

Of course, I angrily approached the show organizers, whose solution was to bring me a chair (that wouldn't fit) and some ugly black fabric for draping.

I've learned by now that the occasional ridiculous stress dream is all part of the fun of running your own business. (Or at least it is for me - when I was a waitress in college I used to have dreams about forgetting to wait on a table!)

Anyone else out there have business related stress dreams?


lolly said...

oh my gosh. i've SO had this dream before!!! i always have gift show stress dreams. always!

Jill K Davis said...

I have dreams like that all the time! I had a dream last summer that I was doing a show and when I got to my space there was a pipe organ in it and I forgot my table, so I had to arrange my jewelry on this organ. And then one of my friends, who makes lovely silk screened apparel, started making this gorgeous house jewelry. And I was so excited for her because it was really beautiful and unusual and way better than mine! Then I was like.. hey ! Thief! It was very strange.

Valerie A. Heck said...

I used to have those dreams about college. I would dream that it was the end of the semester and I had forgotten about one class completely. Which basically meant I would fail it. Then I would wake up in a panic.


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monkeyandsquirrel said...

right before i finished up my taxes i was having some odd money dreams... and not falling asleep, or staying asleep, very easily. it's good to see that others are in the same boat.

Tina Frey Designs said...

I've had those kind of dreams!! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who's had those New York Gift Fair nightmares!

gwyn said...

I have had many of these dreams as well. However I have also had problem solving dreams that gave me real ideas and solutions. That is cool!

Mikethelawstudent said...

I haven't waited tables for several years now and I still get stress dreams about forgetting about a table. Its crazy!