Friday, May 30, 2008


So, I'm sad to report that I was feeling a little overwhelmed, and had to cut a few craft shows.  I will no longer be participating in the Columbus Arts Festival or the Three Rivers Arts Festival.  (Ohioans - have no fear, I'll still be at Cain Park.)

And if you're in Philly this weekend, you can still catch me at Art Star!  (I can't wait to see so many of my crafty friends tomorrow!)


Jennifer said...

Oh Megan, I was so hoping to meet you in Columbus this summer since I'll be in Montreal during Cain Park! Nevertheless, I totally understand how quickly the feeling of being overwhelmed can just eat up energy. You're doing a smart thing to pull back rather than find yourself unable to fill orders... I'll find another way to meet you!

Take care,
~Jeni B

Anne said...

i was planning to stop by the festival tomorrow and had hoped to come find you to see your work in person. i had hoped to sneak a chance to get away from my booth at art star, but due to set up, tear down, tie down, more weights, chasing my items in the wind etc... (as you can fully appreciate)... i didn't manage to get away for even a moment.

i'm sure we will cross paths again soon. i hope renegade goes well next weekend! one of these weekends the weather will be suitable for an outdoor festival!

-anne h