Friday, June 20, 2008

day at the dump

Today I went to the local landfill to learn about their sustainable energy efforts. Yes, that picture above is of a part of the landfill. It certainly didn't look or smell the way you'd expect a dump to look or smell. The landfill is using the methane gas generated from the garbage to create power (which also helps control the smell and reduces CO2 emissions). They also have a small solar power cell and wind turbine.

I was also impressed with their commitment to wildlife and ecology. The picture above shows their water runoff pond, where they use cattails to clean the water. They also provide habitats for a number of bird species (and not the usual seagulls either).

I guess if you have to have a dump (and they do recycle there as well) this isn't a bad way to do it.

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joAnn said...

if a dump can be considered inspiring, this one certainly is! I share your enthusiasm for the environment and it truly makes me happy when I see a company or organization go above and beyond the norm.