Friday, June 20, 2008

pile of craft is tomorrow!

Yesterday I gave myself permission to play a little bit. Unfortunately, you won't see any of these new earring ideas at Pile of Craft tomorrow. (Between the landfill, a 7 mile run, and another meeting, I never made it back into the studio today.) But I'll have lots of other great stuff there.

If you're in Baltimore area, you should stop by and say hello! 10-5 tomorrow at Saint John's Church. (Indoors! - I'm so psyched!) And, if you mention this blog, I'll give you 10% off your purchase.


karen said...

the best of luck to you at pile of craft! you deserve a great showing after what seems like a too-long string of poor ones.

shanna said...

i'm psyched for you! may it be a climate controlled day full of joy! you deserve it!

best of luck at the show, megan!