Tuesday, June 24, 2008

remember me?

Even though I have, um, zero, experience with advertising, I still feel compelled to critique just about every ad I see. I think the bicycle industry (both manufacturers and advocacy organizations) is missing a key opportunity to promote themselves right now. Can you think of a time in recent memory when Americans' have been more receptive to cycling? Yet I haven't really seen an increase in advertising for cycling.

Then I saw this ad campaign on Bikes Belong's website. (I haven't seen it anywhere besides their website.) The campaign relies on the idea of nostalgia to encourage people to return to their bikes.

Now, if you ask me, nostalgia is not the reason cycling is on the rise. There are a number of reasons people are interested in cycling - rising gas prices, reducing carbon emissions, combating obesity. I don't think nostalgia falls high on the list.

I'd love to see more people bicycling, especially as transportation. Hopefully the bicycling industry will create some more compelling ads. Or perhaps I'll have to make some grass routes ads myself...


karen said...

i agree! there are so many great bike-enthusiasts out there, and all we see promoted are the vintage streamliners and classic cruisers, pumping up the style factor... what about pumping up the practicality factor? that's what real people respond to.

megan said...

especially if you live where i live - the only thing that motivates most people around here is relief from high gas prices.
and a cruiser is about the most impractical bike for where I live (too hilly). i can't imagine trying to get around here on something other than a road bike.

Barb said...

I'd love to ride my bike where I live...and do sometimes. But, it can be scary...no bike lanes, motorists revving engines and yelling at you as you ride. I actually overheard a lawyer talking about how it is safer to ride a motorcycle here than a bike. I guess a ton of bikers have been hit by motorists trying to pass them. Its just sad.

megan said...

barb - my area is the same way - depending on where i'm trying to get to, it can be really scary to bike. (in fact, my husband doesn't really want me to bike to my pool, about 8 miles away, because its dangerous)

i'm joining a local bike advocacy group here, to try to make things safer. i don't think we have a single bike lane in my entire county.