Wednesday, June 25, 2008

spiritual capitalism

I just read this article from Ode Magazine called "The gospel according to Adam Smith." The article focuses on spiritual capitalism - the idea that doing good can be synonymous with making money.

I was immediately reminded of a company I came across the other day - Kind Bike. I loved Kind's mission statement so much that I wish I could steal it for my own:

"We believe the triple bottom line – people, planet and profits – should be at the core of every company’s value system.

We believe that any product should have value beyond mere possession.

We believe that simple and easy should translate into every aspect in which a company is involved."

The article also mentions a book called Business and the Buddha: Doing Well by Doing Good. This is definitely going on my must read list.

(Thanks to Christina from Taboo Studio for introducing me to Ode!)

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kind1 said...

that is awesome, spread the word - take it, use it, change it, you have my permission...