Tuesday, July 8, 2008

could I be a scooter girl?

I've been thinking about alternatives to my 20ish MPG car for a while now. While I've been using my bike for short trips, I end up making several 8 to 12 mile (one way) trips a week that just aren't safe or practical on my bike. And mass transit in my area is virtually non-existent. I'm not quite ready to upgrade to a new car yet (we can't quite afford one) and I'm hoping that by holding out for a few years, I'll be able to get a much more fuel efficient car than anything available today.

Yesterday, Joe and I drove by a couple on scooters, and since than, I've been wondering, "could I be a scooter girl?" I've never given them much thought before, but there are several things about scooters that are quite appealing. First, there's the 70 MPG. Then, there's the fact that most of my weekday trips are made by myself, so there's no need for a full-size car anyway. (And it will be a few more years before we think about kids.) And a scooter fits into our budget much better that a new car. Plus, on a scooter, I can pretend I'm Audrey Hepburn zipping around Rome.

But there are also a few turn-offs. Joe's been wanting a motorcycle for years now, and I've always told him no, because I think they're dangerous. If I got a scooter, I'd have no argument for not letting Joe have a motorcycle. Plus, I'm not convinced I'd be totally comfortable riding a scooter. I don't have the best balance or coordination in the world. (Though arguably, riding my bike more often will probably help with that.) And I'm not sure I'd feel any safer than I do on my bike.

What do you think, do the pros outweigh the cons? Could I be a scooter girl?

(image via Vespa USA)


silvercocoon said...

my husband got me a scooter two summers ago as a birthday present. he got a silver STELLA {http://www.genuinescooters.com/scooters/stella/stella.html} he rode a motorcycle when i met him, and he chose the STELLA because of the engine and mechanical-end of it as much as for the looks of it. {it is super sweet} however, because of the clutch and some other intricacies of driving it, i have hesitated learning to drive it. so, it really ended up being a gift for him. it is fun and very convenient for single-trips...{although it can handle 2 riders - our son doesn't quite fit into that equation}

Lynette said...

Its like you read my mind...my husband and I just had this SAME conversation the other day. Maybe I should forward you the email he sent me regarding how not so cost efficient they are. Of course, you can always find supporting evidence no matter what side you are on. I still think its a great way to go. They are dangerous though. Im still undecided...

megan said...

tia - that's a totally cute scooter. one of my concerns is that i'll have a hard time learning to ride it as well.

lynette - totally forward me that email, i'm all for hearing both sides of the story. the dangerous thing kind of scares me, but i've been riding my bike a lot, and that's dangerous too.

Ashley said...

I just contemplated getting a scooter for the first time last week. I'm in the same boat, trying to hold out on a new car as long as possible. I would be a little nervous too though.