Tuesday, July 8, 2008

i don't normally resort to violence

...but I want to hurt this man.

(via TreeHugger)


eliza k. mundy said...

What an ass!!! Someone needs to get this man a bike! I think in this case, violence is acceptable.

Catherine Chandler said...

someone needs to give him a bike without a seat, and make him sit on it.

juvenile, sure. But seriously? He's acting like "riding a bike" is the *only* solution the democrats have. And of course, he also just showed his youth and lack of intelligence in that "speech". What a stupid thing for them to concentrate on.

Honestly, riding a bike is the most fuel efficient thing that can be done, aside from walking, and with the way things are looking, a heck of a lot more people will be riding bikes in the coming years. And possibly, horses, too.

what an ass.

Liz Steiner said...

Wow. Amazing indeed. Riding a bike isn't the only solution to the energy problem, but it's a simple and effective one that we can implement now. And if more people started riding their bikes, or walking maybe we'd have less of an obesity problem in this country too.

krista said...

whats really sad is the only way we as a country are going to solve this 'energy crisis' is to look beyond the party lines and come together as a WHOLE country and stop ripping on an idea because the other party said it. if the GOP had said it, the democrats would be up in arms too.
it's really sad and counter productive!!!!

Corey said...

Actually, Catherine, the bike is the most efficient form of travel--even more so than walking. Just F.Y.I.

silvercocoon said...

i hate when people dumb things down to one talking point. nothing in life is ever that simple, very few real problems in life have one answer. ...that was a big waste of energy - he should have held onto the steam for a more worthy cause.