Monday, March 2, 2009

one of those weekends

Who would have ever thought a snowy Monday would be preferable to the weekend?

I planned on spending Friday afternoon/evening hanging out at the ACC show in Baltimore, but not long after I got there, Joe called to say he wasn't feeling well. (He'd been sick for a few days.) Of course, there wasn't much I could do being two hours away. So his parents ended up taking him to the emergency room, where they gave him an IV. And I cut out of the show a little sooner than planned. I'd still like to recap what I saw at the show, but haven't gotten to it yet because...

Saturday morning, I woke up and realized I had left my laptop charger in my office at Towson. And its not like I can just dash over there and pick it up. So, I'm stuck on my old laptop for a while.

Then yesterday, I went out to my studio to find that my oxygen tank was empty - the result of an undetected leak. In case you've never tried, its impossible to find someplace to fill an oxygen tank on a Sunday - and I've got orders that have to go out! We ended up snagging a tank from my dad's machine shop, but that is practically empty to.

And now, between being behind on work and this little snow storm we are having, I won't make it down to Towson again until my class on Friday. Which means no computer, unless I drive 45 minutes to the nearest Apple store to buy a new charger.

Hopefully your weekend was better than mine.

Oh, and as a result of all this, the sale is still up in my shop. Still time to get that 20% off.

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