Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fun with gocco at FIT

Back at the New York Gift Fair, I spoke with some students from the Fashion Institute of Technology's Home Products Development Program.  One of them, Melissa, invited me to speak at one of their home product club meetings - so yesterday I head to Manhattan to give a little presentation.

I wasn't quite sure what I should talk about, but Melissa told me the group responded well to demos.  Hands on is always better, but I knew we'd be in a classroom, not a studio with tools or equipment.  I also wanted to show them something that would be relevant to what they do.  And, the meeting was only an hour long!

In the end, I settled on a gocco demo - and it was a big hit!  I talked about gocco's applications for prototyping and promotional materials and we printed the image below on a bunch of bags.  The students were already talking about buying one for the club (though they are sad that gocco stuff is getting harder to find) and using it for a packaging project they are working on.

Plus, being there inspired my new "promote the cozy/cuff" mission - so all in all, a great day.  (Except for the fact that after the demo, I tried to go to MAD.  Turns out the galleries aren't open on Tuesdays - such a let down.)

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