Thursday, December 31, 2009

crafting an MBA - business thinking for designers & makers

I alluded to it in my last post, but I wanted to officially announce the launch of my new website - crafting an MBA - business thinking for designers and makers!

Its seems long overdue that I would start a blog focused on business thinking - its something I always love to talk about. Over at craftMBA, I'll be sharing useful tips on running a business, marketing, pricing, social media and more, my recommended and currents reads (which are sure to triple since I got a Kindle for Christmas!) and my thoughts on trends in the craft and business world.

Its only because of the support I've received on my business related posts here that I had the courage to start crafting an MBA, so thank you! Won't you join me in my new space? The new year seems like the perfect time to focus and get our businesses into shape!

(No worries, I'll still be blogging here as well.)


Skylark Studio said...

THANK YOU. this is so awesome.

megan said...

you're welcome! glad you're excited