Tuesday, December 29, 2009

my year (and decade) in review

The Personal MBA has a really great post up about taking some time to review your accomplishments at the end of the year. Its likely that you've reached the end of the year feeling disappointed at what you haven't accomplished (which is how I feel all the time) but by taking the time to list out what you've done, you should realize that you've accomplished a lot.

(I sure hope that's the case, because reading the list of Josh's accomplishments at the Personal MBA has just made me feel more inadequate.) So here's my list:

In 2009, I:
  • launched a new line of home decor goods at the New York International Gift Fair.
  • traveled to Arizona, Ohio, and New York to speak to students at Arizona State, Kent State, and FIT.
  • traveled to San Francisco to participate in the SFMOMA trunk show for the second year in a row.
  • taught 5 classes at Towson University (including integrating new assignments and processes into the curriculum).
  • exhibited at the Museum Store Association Show and NYIGF.
  • designed and launched the cozy/cuff!
  • completed 2 triathlons.
  • coached middle and high school cross country.
  • traveled to Washington, DC to advocate for bicycling.
  • organized a fundraising bike ride.
  • launched a new website dedicated to business thinking for designers and makers. (This one's so new I haven't even posted about it on this blog yet.)

And since its the end of the decade, Josh recommends looking back at what you've accomplished in the last 10 years as well.

In the last decade, I:
  • graduated from Syracuse University with a BFA in metalsmithing (and with honors).
  • designed and implemented a program with my Residence Hall Association that won National Program of the Year.
  • received an MFA in jewelry/metals from Kent State.
  • was awarded a SNAG Student Scholarship.
  • was a Searchlight Artist at the American Craft Council Baltimore Show.
  • was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Towson University my first year out of grad school.
  • have continued to teach at Towson, where I helped redesign the intro metals and jewelry class.
  • presented "Navigating the Web 2.0" at the SNAG Professional Development Seminar in Savannah.
  • traveled to Santa Fe to consult with Patina Gallery on using web 2.0 technologies.
  • started this blog and launched my Etsy shop.
  • participated in many retail craft shows.
  • got married.
  • bought a house.
  • adopted a dog.
  • ran a 1/2 marathon, a lot of 5ks, and completed 3 triathlons.
  • won a 5k.
  • coached middle and high school cross-country for 3 seasons.
After making my list, I'm still not completely satisfied. Perhaps I'm too much of a perfectionist, or need a serious self-esteem boost. Or perhaps I should take my own advice and do some big picture goal setting so that I can look back on the next decade with more satisfaction.

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