Tuesday, December 22, 2009


So I guess I wished everyone happy holidays a little early, because I still haven't started my Christmas vacation yet.

I've been working on some new "packaging" for the cozy/cuffs. While they've been selling really well online, I'm having a little trouble with them in retail venues. Online, I can totally communicate all the product uses with a few good photos, but in person they are hard to understand.

Ok, that's not entirely true - if you see one being worn or used on a coffee cup, they make perfect sense. Its just in a retail display, they are a little tricky. And with the gift fair right around the corner, I really need to resolve that.

So I'm trying to work on a tag that clearly displays the dual function of the cozy/cuff, without bogging it down with excess packaging. And since I took some new product shots that I'm totally loving, I'm working on incorporating those into the "packaging."

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SRA said...

Love that you're keeping the packaging SIMPLE! Again...you're an amazing young woman, with incredible talent and gifts. Thanks for sharing them with the world around you! INSPIRING!